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Welcome to Motes Jones Music Academy, a place where musical aspirations become a reality. With a commitment to nurturing talents of all ages, from the young to the elderly, our academy provides a wide range of music lessons, taught by ear, including piano/keyboards and guitar. Our dedicated instructors specialize in Motes Notes and Jones Tones, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience for each student.

At Motes Jones Music Academy, we believe that true musical education goes beyond simply playing an instrument. That’s why we have developed our unique M3 Methodology, incorporating music, media, and management. This holistic approach equips our students with not only exceptional musical abilities but also knowledge of media and vital management skills.

Upon completing their focused study, students have the opportunity to showcase their talents at our esteemed recital. A certificate of completion is awarded as recognition for their hard work and dedication. Furthermore, those who wish to continue their musical journey can pursue further education within our academy.

Although we are unaccredited, we take pride in offering versatile instruction across various aspects of music. Whether it involves singing, songwriting, instrumental mastery, audio engineering, mixing, and mastering; or exploring the business side of the industry – our experienced team of instructors has you covered.

Working with children is one of our greatest joys at Motes Jones Music Academy. We have designed an exclusive color-coded methodology that makes learning music enjoyable and engaging for young learners. Through this approach, we aim to instill a lifelong love for music while nurturing their natural abilities.

Whether you’re a beginner seeking guidance or an advanced learner looking to amplify your skills or even if you’re just embarking on a new passion – Motes Jones Music Academy welcomes you on this remarkable journey toward unlocking your full potential through the power of music.

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