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Bryson Lehew is a remarkable musician who discovered his passion for playing the guitar through an unexpected source. Initially drawn to the video game Guitar Hero, Bryson’s love for this seemingly trivial pastime ignited a fire within him, setting him on a path toward an extraordinary music career.

His exceptional talent did not go unnoticed for long. While performing on Beale Street in Memphis, Bryson caught the attention of Motes Jones & Company, who instantly recognized his unique sound and immense potential. Waste no time, they eagerly signed Bryson as an artist.

Under the guidance of Motes Jones & Company records division, Bryson released his debut album, showcasing his exceptional abilities and featuring collaborations with renowned musician, artist, and producer, Jamon Jones. With track titles like “Cordless,” which reflects Bryson’s originality and creativity, he effortlessly blends various genres, allowing him to provide a diverse range of musical styles.

While studio recordings capture aspects of Bryson’s talent, it is during live performances where his true artistry shines. With extensive experience on stage, he consistently mesmerizes and invigorates audiences with his electrifying presence. Always striving to exceed expectations, Bryson remains dedicated to delivering high-quality music that resonates deeply with fans, including mastering the retro talk box.

Beyond just being a musician, Bryson possesses a profound understanding of sound production. His active involvement in the creation and development of his music ensures that his artistic vision will seamlessly translate into captivating recordings.

But Bryson Lehew is more than just a name; he is a devoted and passionate artist who pours every ounce of heart and soul into each note he plays. Through his music, he aspires to touch the hearts of listeners and make an indelible mark on their souls. As he continues to evolve creatively and explore new avenues of expression, the world eagerly awaits the greatness that lies ahead for this extraordinary talent.

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