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The Motes Jones Academy GROW Gifted Scholarship is an esteemed program specifically designed to identify, nurture, and support highly gifted individuals with exceptional artistic talent. Our scholarship aims to provide these individuals with unparalleled opportunities to develop their skills and showcase their abilities.

At Motes Jones & Company, we prioritize the value and significance of artistic expression. Our firm recognizes the immense talent within individuals who excel in various art forms such as music, painting, songwriting, poetry, authorship, and more. We believe these gifted individuals deserve to be acknowledged and celebrated. With this in mind, we have developed the GROW Gifted Scholarship program to empower these artists by providing them with vital resources and guidance that can unlock their full artistic potential.

Our approach revolves around the theory of the mind, acknowledging that these individuals possess not only raw talent but also a deep understanding of their craft. By focusing on their innate capabilities and incorporating our innovative M3 Methodology of music, media, and management, we aim to help them refine and expand their artistic abilities.

Our one-year scholarship program offers a unique opportunity for carefully selected individuals to receive guidance and mentorship from industry professionals. Our goal is to seek financial assistance tailored to each individual’s needs, helping them secure external funding for advanced training, art supplies, equipment, and participation in enhancing and furthering their craft. We also encourage recipients to invest in their artistic development when feasible. In collaboration with schools, churches, family members, and influential figures, we actively work towards bolstering the scholarship fund. The value of this scholarship extends beyond monetary support—it encompasses dedicated mentorship from Motes Jones Academy worth no less than $2,500.00 per month. By striving for financial adaptability and customized programs, we ensure that each gifted artist receives the support they need to thrive.

The GROW Gifted Scholarship provides a unique opportunity for highly talented individuals with rare gifts to receive recognition and support for their exceptional artistic abilities. Our mission extends beyond developing their talents; we aim to expose their work to a wider audience ensuring that their contributions are fully recognized and appreciated in the artistic world.

The Motes Jones Academy GROW Gifted Scholarship is a distinguished program designed to empower exceptionally gifted individuals with exceptional artistic abilities. Our goal is to nurture their development and showcase their incredible talents through our innovative theory of the mind and M3 Methodology. Through mentorship, fundraising for the scholarship fund, and providing numerous opportunities, we are dedicated to unlocking the boundless potential of these remarkable individuals while celebrating their greatness. We wholeheartedly believe in their limitless capabilities and eagerly anticipate the extraordinary accomplishments they will undoubtedly achieve.

(Give the gift of career advancement to a scholar of your choice. If not specified, funds will be contributed to our overall scholarship fund.)

Sample Overview Of Benefits

The artist’s selection as a GROW Gifted Scholarship student of Motes Jones Academy (hereafter referred to as the company; parent company – Motes Jones & Company) is a highly esteemed achievement. This scholarship holds a significant value of $2,500.00 per month (for a one year period), which is determined based on the time and services provided by the company for the artist.


Alongside these contributions, the artist willingly commits to contribute $50 per week directly to the company through Cash App $MotesJones. This financial commitment plays a crucial role in ensuring the sustainability of the scholarship program. Moreover, the artist undertakes to collaborate with the company in seeking financial contributions for the GROW gifted scholarship fund from influential individuals, family members, educational institutions, religious establishments, and notable organizations.


On their part, the company pledges to allocate the collected scholarship funds towards various investments that support the artist’s career development. These investments are clearly defined in an exclusive artist agreement executed between both parties. Below is a comprehensive overview of possible itemized services (not limited to) and provisions exclusively by the company for the artist:

  1. Recording Services
  2. Recording Studio
  3. Audio Engineer
  4. Mixing Engineer
  5. Mastering Engineer
  6. Producer
  7. Assistant Producer
  8. Composer & Arranger
  9. Assistant Arranger/Vocal
  10. Musicians (as needed)
  11. Vocalists (as needed)
  12. Songwriting Sessions (as needed)
  13. Consultation on BMI/ASCAP, CCLI, Library of Congress (where applicable)
  14. Digital Distribution to Steaming Services
  15. Introduction to Fellow Artists and Opportunities to Collaborate
  16. Booking Agency (provided as needed)
  17. Opportunities for exposure at the Company Events (as coordinated by the
    company with the artist)
  18. Media Appearances (when presented to the company)
  19. Press Release
  20. Artist Bio
  21. Artist Web Page on the Company Website
  22. Full Album Production
  23. Full Album Hard Copy
  24. Full Album Gift Package
  25. Artwork and Packaging for CD’s
  26. Radio Interview Opportunities
  27. Social Promotion by the Company (periodically)
  28. eStore Placement on the Company Website and Artist Web Page
  29. Artist Development in Music, Media and Management
  30. Mechanical Royalties

All in all, this partnership between the talented artist and Motes Jones Academy through the GROW Gifted Scholarship program aims to cultivate an environment conducive to personal and professional growth for aspiring artists like themselves.

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