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Debut Album Coming Soon


Debut Album Coming Soon

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Dajsha, a talented and ambitious individual, recently made the life-changing decision to focus on following her passion for music as a singer/songwriter in addition to her already robust career in various forms of media. A true believer in her abilities, she enrolled herself in the Motes Jones Music Academy, specializing in learning piano by ear. Despite being only a few lessons in, Dajsha’s exceptional talent did not go unnoticed. Her unique lyrics and smooth tone caught the attention of the academy, leading her to be considered for their GROW Gifted Scholarship at Motes Jones & Company. To her credit, she was accepted and is now pursuing her God-given talents, recording her debut album at Motes Jones Records. The company proudly announces Dajsha as a featured recording artist, promising an extremely bright future ahead.

Dajsha is a singer-songwriter, actress, model, and producer of films who started writing music and singing at the young age of 7. Dajsha grew up singing in church and when she was 13 she wrote and professionally recorded music with a Memphis producer. Her passions were halted due to her family’s financial instability. Even though tough times came she still loved music and her family supported her with their encouragement.

In 2018, she served as an Orientation Guide for The University of Memphis where she helped write and produce the introduction song for the Orientation Guide team to welcome incoming freshmen and parents.

During 2019, she worked consistently in the recording studio at The University of Memphis, getting familiar with advanced recording equipment like Condenser and Dynamic microphones, preamps such as A-Designs, Millennia’s, and more. She conducted school projects as a sound engineer. She was also involved in projects where she was the singer-songwriter.

In 2021, her friends created a film company called Studio Suggs. Dajsha made her acting debut in her first film titled Homeboys Haunted 2, created by the company. She has also played a role in writing and recording music for one of their films.

Dajsha received her Bachelor of Music in December of 2021 and her Bachelor of Communication in May of 2022. Currently, Dajsha is a Director and Master Control Operator for Action News 5, Memphis, Tennessee. She controls all the technical aspects of getting the news on air.

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