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Debut Album Coming Soon


Debut Album Coming Soon

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James L. Jones Sr., with stage name, Jimmy James, is a 68-year-old experienced and seasoned bass player. He is known for his legendary and professional performances, showcasing his special gift and talent on his 7-string Ibanez bass guitar, which he affectionately named “Meela” in memory of his deceased daughter, Jameela. Jimmy James has been playing bass guitar since the age of 17, and has honed his skills to play not only the 4-string bass, but also the 5, 6, and 7-string bass.

Jimmy James’ musical journey began in church, playing with gospel groups, and later expanded to playing for R&B bands, often including exceptionally talented family members. He has performed at various venues across the United States, including notable places like The Mid South Coliseum (Memphis, TN.), The Clinton Library (Little Rock, AR.), House of Blues (Chicago, IL.), BB Kings, Jerry Lee Lewis Club, Hardrock Cafe, Blues Hall (Beale St., Memphis, TN.), and even on the Memphis Queen Riverboat. Jimmy James has also had the opportunity to showcase his talent in the movie “The Uncorked,” filmed in Memphis, TN., alongside actress, Niecy Nash, and actor, CourtneyB. Vance.

Despite facing a devastating injury in 1984 while working at a trophy company in Memphis, TN., where the ends of his two middle fingers on his left hand were chopped off, Jimmy James refused to let this setback define him.

After undergoing physical therapy and the healing process, he challenged himself to learn how to play the bass again with this disability. Through determination and prayer, Jimmy James developed his own technique, known as the Broken Fork Technique, allowing him to play without his two middle fingers on his left hand, which are critical for bass playing.

Jimmy James’ future goals revolve around being recognized for his legacy, and being known as a successful and professional musician who has mastered playing the 7-string bass with the Broken Fork Technique in front of audiences across the Nation, and on his soon to be released debut album in 2024 by Motes Jones & Company; Motes Jones Records. This “must have” record also features, Motes Jones Artist, Jimmy James, vocally soloing on various original songs written by Jimmy James.

The personal story of Jimmy James, elaborated on through his lyrics, instrumentation, and spoken stories during his live shows are sure to inspire others, and demonstrate how he overcame adversity to continue pursuing his passion for music against all odds!

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