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Angel O’Bryan, previously known as Jeremy O’Bryan Jones, has exhibited extraordinary resolve in pursuing his musical aspirations. At the tender age of four, he showcased his nascent singing talent with a performance at his preschool located adjacent to St. Jude Children’s Hospital and took inspiration from Ben E. King’s iconic song “Stand by Me,” crystallizing an enduring love for music.

Born on October 25, Angel was diagnosed with Histiocytosis X at six months and treated at St. Jude until age 14. Overcoming the odds, and to the joy of his medical team, Angel was declared disease-free, showcasing remarkable resilience and excellent care.

Angel’s mother shaped his appealing image, pairing it with his dimpled smile and unique hair. His genuine gratitude and captivating performances won over audiences. Angel’s innovative sounds and music created a personal connection with fans, enhancing his live shows.

As he evolved, so did his audience. Charming fans with his evolving music and image, and impressing them with his vocal and creative growth, he broke boundaries, offering an exceptional musical experience that earned rave reviews.

Highly adept in various musical and entertainment roles – singer, musician, songwriter, actor, and producer – Angel dramatically refined his skills over time. His exceptional abilities facilitated collaborations with industry luminaries like David Porter – an architect behind soul classics such as “Soul Man” and “Hold On, I’m Coming.” This connection gave him access to working opportunities alongside David Porter within the prestigious IPR studio, and with his elder brother, Jamon Jones, who is now the co-founder and co-owner of Motes Jones & Company.

Together, in the early 2000s, Angel and Jamon steered their group “Dubbel M-Paq” – later rebranded to DMP – and made significant contributions to Memphis City Schools via the “Stop The Violence” community initiative, gaining media exposure through interviews on CBS, ABC, amongst other media outlets. Their professional trajectory included management by Larry Dodson – a stalwart member of Bar-Kays – leading performances for charity events at venues like St. Jude Children’s Hospital and The Peabody Hotel while sharing stages with artists including, but not limited to, Keith Urban, Luke Bryan, Faith Hill, and Billy Ray Cyrus.

However, Angel’s affinity was not just music; it extended towards humanitarian causes reflected in a performance at the Civil Rights Museum incorporating diverse genres: gospel, R&B, classical, pop, and rock, revealing remarkable flexibility. Recognition even crossed industrial lines featuring songs in Quarry HBO Cinemax movie series portraying the character, Fremy J. Moreover, leading to collaborative sessions with famed Justin Timberlake, Sharon Leal, and other entertainers of merit inside sought-after studios nationally.

Acclaimed performances also encompass NBA games as a part of the house band in the FedEx Forum arena, distinguished locations like The Clinton Library, and aboard Chicago’s House of Blues Cruise Ship. Due to inexhaustible determination, Angel O’Bryan successfully etched his stage name, Angel, in the music industry as a testament to his dedication towards music developed from the former days of the four-year-old performer.

As a music industry professional, Angel O’Bryan has recently accepted a significant role at Motes Jones & Company as Senior A&R. As a music industry artist, Angel will release his debut album in 2024 as a Motes Jones & Company premier artist.


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