Motes Jones & Company

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Motes Jones & Company is a dynamic and innovative company founded by Jamon and Sherri D. Motes Jones, two exceptionally talented individuals with a passion for music and media. Through their unique theory of the mind, they express their creativity and expertise in a variety of mediums including music production, podcasting, songwriting,
piano lessons, branding, and more.

Jamon Jones is an accomplished musician who was discovered by David Porter, The Soul Man, at a young age. He quickly rose to prominence and produced for Justin Timberlake, Kirk Whalum, Lou Rawls, Larry Dodson of The Barkays and more; and his talent as a producer continues to make waves in the industry. Inspired by legendary producers like Babyface and Quincy Jones, Jamon brings unparalleled originality to each project he undertakes.

Sherri D. Motes Jones began her musical journey as a singer-songwriter and pianist. With numerous albums released across various genres including jazz, alternative pop, and gospel, she has written over 300 songs and recorded over 70 original works. Sherri’s talents extend beyond music as she is also an accomplished author with several published books to her name and has published other authors to her credit. Her skills as a wordsmith are recognized in talk radio where she has worked with CBS Radio and iHeart Media as a radio personality.

Together, Jamon and Sherri are committed to living their passion for music while simultaneously running their successful business. They provide guidance and production services to a diverse range of artists in their state-of-the-art studio both online and offline. Whether it’s producing captivating podcast episodes or crafting unforgettable compositions, Motes Jones & Company excels at bringing artistic visions to life.

With their combined expertise and wealth of experience, Motes Jones & Company stands out as an exceptional force within the industry. Their unwavering dedication to their craft is reflected in every project they undertake.