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GROW: Introducing GROW, the ultimate service for sustainable business growth across all industries. Our tailored approach focuses on creative audio, video, and brand development to amplify your digital presence. Whether you’re a start-up or an established brand, we understand the importance of capturing the essence of who you are. From messaging to storytelling and culture, GROW takes your unique identity and runs with it. With our expertise, we help enlarge your digital footprint, enabling you to reach new audiences and maximize your potential for success. Experience the transformative power of GROW and watch your business thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Our Service Menu:

GROW: A Professional Marketing & Digital Media Program (Designed For All Industries)

Offers a wide range of services to help businesses enhance their online presence, branding, and marketing strategies. Some of the services provided by our GROW program include:

  • Comprehensive digital analysis
  • Expertise in brand development
  • Deep knowledge of social media intelligence
  • Cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions
  • Effective content development strategies
  • Skillful press releases and media training
  • Proficient website copywriting
  • Customized website development services
  • Productive two-hour discovery sessions for customized insights
  • Optional DIY training modules for self-improvement
  • Seamless podcast development from concept to launch
  • Exceptional professional photography, videography, and sound production capabilities
  • Innovative “GROW with reels” service focusing on video content creation
  • An impressive collection of resources to aid clients in their growth journey
  • Connecting businesses through online and offline networking opportunities
  • Tailored on-site or remote services to meet client requirements
Comprehensive Business Development Packaging
  • Work with us to develop solid business plans and strategies specific to musicians and music-related businesses.
  • Get expert guidance on copyright issues, licensing, and protecting your creative work.
  • Benefit from our assistance in navigating various music distribution platforms.
Customized Recording Artists Packaging
  • Create a unique album or EP packaging design tailored to your style and vision.
  • Let us handle the creation of eye-catching album artwork and promotional materials.
  • Develop your artist branding and image to stand out in the industry.
Build Your Brand Awareness
  • Trust us in managing your social media presence through strategic marketing campaigns tailored for growth.
  • Rely on us to produce engaging content and visuals that capture attention and promote engagement.
  • Establish a strong online presence through effective brand building for musicians and music-related businesses.
Photography & Videography Services
  • Take advantage of professional photo shoots for artists, creating stunning album covers, promotional materials, etc.
  • Capture the essence of your music through visually captivating music video production services.
  • Preserve memories of live events through impeccable event photography & videography.
Professional Recording Studio
  • Experience high-quality recording sessions with top-notch equipment and facilities.
  • Benefit from the expertise of our experienced sound engineers and producers.
  • Take advantage of our mixing and mastering services to ensure your recordings sound exceptional.
Full Studio Production Online & Offline
  • Our team offers complete audio production services, from recording to impeccable mixing and mastering.
  • Benefit from online collaboration and production capabilities, perfect for remote artists.
  • Access a talented team of musicians and producers who are passionate about bringing your vision to life.
Record Label Options (Upon Approval)
  • Determine if our record label, Motes Jones Records, aligns with your goals.
  • Gain valuable guidance on negotiating contracts and deals for maximum benefit.
  • Access effective marketing and promotion strategies to elevate your music career.
Motes Jones Music Academy
  • Let us nurture your musical talent through comprehensive music education and training programs.
  • Join our group classes & workshops curated for various instruments and genres.
  • Reap the benefits of mentorship opportunities offered by industry professionals.
Piano Lessons, Vocal Sessions, & Technical Training Services
  • Learn from our experienced instructors through personalized one-on-one lessons for piano, vocals, or music theory.
  • Gain technical training specific to recording or performing artists’ needs.
  • Strengthen musical skills & techniques necessary for professional growth.
Songwriter Sessions/Jingle Writing
  • Engage in collaborative songwriting sessions to bring your ideas to life with expert guidance.
  • Utilize our services to create catchy jingles for commercials and advertisements.
  • Receive assistance in crafting memorable melodies and lyrics that resonate with your audience.
Coffee Twice Talk Radio (Request An Interview)
  • Seize the opportunity to be featured on our radio show alongside other talented artists & industry professionals.
  • Take part in insightful interviews & discussions covering topics such as music, creativity, and the industry at large.
  • Promote your work through this platform that offers exposure to a wide audience.

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